Praetorian Insurance Company

Praetorian Insurance Company is an American insurance company that belongs to an Australian corporate group QBE. While the QBE Company appears to be among the largest insurance companies globally, it has its own office in New York City, United States. Meanwhile, Praetorian Insurance Company, being a subsidiary of QBE, is officially located in New Jersey and provides insurance services primarily in the automotive field.

History of Praetorian Insurance Company

Praetorian Insurance Company has a long and bright history as an insurer. It was founded decades ago and operated in the American market successfully, gaining high reputation and becoming popular among different kinds of clients. Praetorian Insurance Company belonged to its own financial group that was called Praetorian Financial Group. This group existed until 2007, when it was bought by the QBE Insurance Group for nearly $800 million. This acquisition doubled the assets of the QBE Group, adding to its reputation as one of the biggest global insurance companies.

You won’t find much information on this insurance company online, but according to the available information, the primary focus of Praetorian Insurance Company in the insurance field is the provision of auto insurance. Auto insurance is a specific type of insurance designed for auto owners. In the United States of America, every auto owner must have an auto insurance policy. Not having the policy and driving a car in the United States is a criminal offence. For this reason, every American resident or visitor who is going to drive a car must obtain automobile insurance. Praetorian Insurance Company is one of possible auto insurance providers, so you can contact it if you are looking for a decent automobile insurance policy.

Praetorian Insurance Company Agents

It is always important to know what agents an insurance company works with. You can choose your insurance company based on the agents it cooperates with. Unfortunately, when it comes to Praetorian Insurance Company, you won’t find much information about its agents or other employees online. There is only general and basic information about Praetorian Insurance Company on the website of the company. As for agents, the websites lists only Lee Rodriques as an agent of the company. Besides, this person is listed as the contact for the underwriting services as well. And if you have any questions or concerns regarding the activity of Praetorian Insurance Company, the website offers to contact this person too.

Praetorian Insurance Company Location

We can assume that Praetorian Insurance Company is located in Saddle Brook, Ney Jersey because the information on the website of the company specifies this address as the postal address of the insurer. However, it is also known that the main office of the QBE Corporation in the United States is located in New York. Besides, there are online sources that say that even Praetorian Insurance Company itself is located in New York. Such information is contradictory and creates ambiguity regarding the place of Praetorian Insurance Company location. For this reason, we can conclude that the insurer is located either in New Jersey in separate office or in the office of QBE in New York. To find out what the accurate location of the company is, it is necessary to contact the company directly.

Praetorian Insurance Company Quotes

Unlike most insurance companies, Praetorian Insurance Company doesn’t provide any insurance quotes online. For this reason, if you are aiming to obtain auto or any other kind of insurance from this particular company, you will have to contact it directly to know the way how you can get its insurance. The best way to do this is calling Praetorian Insurance Company by the number specified on its website. Quotes can be got from the agent of the company that has been already mentioned in this text. The same situation exists regarding the rates of Praetorian Insurance Company. Of course it is much more convenient to know and evaluate rates of the company by visiting its website. But in the case of this insurance company the information regarding rates is not available online, so you won’t be able to find it.

Claims to Praetorian Insurance Company

The case of filing claims to Praetorian Insurance Company looks very similar to getting quotes. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to file any claim to this company using web. The website of the insurer has no information regarding the possibility to file any kind of claim. However, when it comes to claims, it is known who the contact of Praetorian Insurance Company is. Based on the information available online we can conclude that if you have any claims towards Praetorian Insurance Company you should contact Jay Schnoor.

Rating of Praetorian Insurance Company

Praetorian Insurance Company is currently not accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). However, it is not necessary to be accredited from the BBB to make business in the United States. While Praetorian Insurance Company is not accredited, it is necessary to understand how this rating works. It can put several types of marks to companies. The highest one is A+, while the lowest one is F. Different types of information are taken into account when it comes to this rating. While Praetorian Insurance Company has no BBB rating, its owner, the QBE corporation, has a very high BBB rating, which is A. However, putting rating to a company is not the same as accrediting it as QBE was not accredited by the BBB too.

Praetorian Insurance Company phone number

(212) 422-1212

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